Hoteliers understand the importance of custom signage for hotels to create a stellar guest experience. Custom signage offers hotels a range of benefits, from strengthening their brand identity and improving wayfinding to enhancing the guest experience and boosting marketing efforts.

The professional team at Front Desk Supply has partnered with hotels across the US to provide well-designed, durable, custom signs for your hotel needs. By investing in well-designed signs, hotels can create a lasting impact on guests and differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

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The Benefits of Custom Signage for Hotels

Custom signage can provide numerous benefits for hotels, enhancing their overall branding, visibility, and guest experience. “We think that signs should be anything but boring,” says Front Desk Supply Director of Commercial Operations, Mark Zisek. “Signs can set your hotel apart from your competition, giving your guests an experience they’ll be eager to repeat.  Clever signs also find a way home which is a great reminder of their stay.”  

A few benefits of custom signs include:

Hotel Branding

Signs are often the first bit of hotel branding your guests will interact with, providing them with direction and greeting them at the start of their stay. Put your best foot forward with custom hotel branding.   Also choose the right material depending on where the sign will go and your budget: Acrylic, plastic, paper and metallic signs are all options.  Hotel signs let your guests know about the kind of stay they can expect when they arrive, and cement your brand in their minds when they are looking for options to rebook.


Custom hotel signs bring ease of mind to your guests helping them to readily navigate to facilities such as their hotel room, restaurants, conference rooms, spa areas, fitness centers, and more. Signs provide information about your hotel and ensure that guests never get frustrated or lost.

Helpful Instructions

Signs provide guests with specific information about check-in and check-out, laundry and room services, Wi-Fi access, emergency protocol, and other important hotel policies and information that guests should know for their stay.


Guests can communicate with hotel staff with laundry signs and do-not-disturb signs to ensure that they get customized service for their needs. This helps guests feel comfortable during their stay and reduces the need for repetitive inquiries to the staff.

Your Source for Custom Hotel Signs

Front Desk Supply is the premier hotel supplier for the U.S., provides beautiful and customizable supplies and signs to give your guests a comfortable and memorable stay.

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