April 19, 2018 – – It’s been said that people are creatures of habit and travelers even more so.  A 2013 New York Times article stated that upward of 20 percent of a hotel’s travelers can contribute up to 60% of the revenue.  (NYT, October 7, 2013 “Hotels Go The Extra Length for Repeat Customers”).  Many of these frequent travelers stay more than 20 times a year at a hotel.

“Capturing the heart of a frequent guest is a combination of good service, comfortable accommodations and good recall,” said Mark Zisek, Front Desk Supply’s Director of Commercial Operations, “and Front Desk can help hotels with the recall aspect of this formula for success.  We have an array of promotional items for your hotel, each of which can be branded with your hotel logo, name, website…or all three!” Zisek continued, “And once you’re on their mind, you capture their loyalty!”

The following are some typical promotional items, which can be personalized with your Branding:

  1.  Hats

A branded hat that a guest can grab as they head off to a casual meeting, yoga session or jog can create an emotional tie with your hotel.  The pleasant experience, enhanced by your thoughtfulness will be remembered that next time they travel to your city.

  1.  T-Shirts

A branded t-shirt for guests who finds themselves in the need for an extra shirt can make the difference between an average stay to a memorable stay.  That ability to workout, or go for a casual dinner will remain with them the next time they are debating where to stay.

  1. Tote Bags

Who among us hasn’t bought a souvenir and then realized they don’t have room in their luggage for it.  A branded hotel tote bag to send them off on their journey home is always much appreciated and serves as a reminder to them on where to stay in the future.
Front Desk Supply offers a host of promotional items for your hotel.  Not only, hats, t-shirts, and tote bags, but umbrellas, yoga mats and eco-friendly water bottles and travel mugs.
This April, Front Desk Supply is offering a $50 discount on new promotional item orders for clients.  

If you need some advice on your Promotional Item order, please feel free to contact Front Desk Supply.  Their experienced sales team is available to review options, provide a competitive price quote and answer any questions.
Simply, call:  888-859-2061 .  
Or visit:  FrontDeskSupply.com
Why Front Desk Supply?
Whichever products customers choose, Front Desk Supply successfully competes with all other providers.  Why? Because Front Desk Supply doesn’t charge the large industry standard markups like many other competitors do and is keenly focused on efficiencies.  Unlike other suppliers, Front Desk Supply is invested in becoming a preferred partner with hotels for many years to come.
People interested in placing a new business card order, may telephone Front Desk Supply:  888-859-2061  to be eligible for up to $25 off their first order!
About Front Desk Supply
Front Desk Supply has over 50 years of Sales, Marketing and Advertising, and Operations experience, along with the wealth of experience that comes from producing millions of products for thousands of hotels in the hospitality industry.
Their experience includes a wealth of customer relationship experience, including large and small companies in diverse industries. This experience gets ingrained in all employees to put the customer first and do their best to understand each unique situation. Front Desk Supply excels when being able to provide multiple products – it makes for a one stop shopping experience for customers and ensures messaging flows consistently across products. They do our best to make recommendations that make good business sense.
Front Desk Supply: Making hotels more profitable and their guests’ stays more memorable.™