Hilton Hotels and Resorts® recently rolled out their digital key technology which allows guests to use their smartphones to check in and access their hotel rooms. The properties in the Hilton Curio collection were given more time than Hilton branded properties to make the necessary upgrades to their lock systems.

Don’t let these upgrades cause you stress! Front Desk Supply can educate you on the entire process so it doesn’t feel so daunting. When you have a team like ours at your disposal, there’s no better time than now.

In the past, we’ve upgraded boutique and independent hotels just like yours. Our hotel partners always have a few common questions about the process. Let’s answer those for you now.

How is the Installation Process?

We make everything easier by assigning a hardworking Account Manager to your project. They’ll be able to answer your questions and keep your property gliding through each step of the upgrade process from the key card perspective.  We have the new chips required and are ready to produce custom and Hilton keys.

Front Desk Supply does not do the lock installation ourselves—our main focus is on upgrading your key card access system. However, we can recommend trusted lock installation experts who we’ve worked with in the past.

1. Analyzing Your Current System

First, we’ll determine which type of access system your hotel currently uses. Your expertise lies in hotel management and you might not know off the top of your head which card technology your keys are programmed with. We can help you with this.

2. Determining Your New System

Your hotel might use an older magnetic key card system, or you might be using RFID key cards with other security protocols.

Many hotels don’t want to upgrade from an older key card system because it often requires installing new locks. Digital keys give you an excellent opportunity to incorporate new RFID key cards that have strong security mechanisms and higher reliability.

[You can read about the benefits of RFID key cards in our blog.]

In any case, we’ll make sure that your key card system will be compatible with the new locks that are outfitted for digital keys.

3. Partnering with a Lock Provider

We’ve helped many boutique hotels upgrade their access systems, and we have preferred lock installation partners that provide secure, high-quality locks that will match the aesthetic of your property.  Often it will be done with your existing lock vendor if RFID locks.

How Will Installation Impact My Hotel?

You might have questions about the lock installation process:

  • Will the installation process disturb my guests?
  • Will the installation process stop our current room keys from functioning properly?
  • How long will the installation process take?

Lock upgrades cause far fewer disturbances than other types of hotel renovations. In most cases, the installation team can change each lock without having to block off hallways, create substantial noise, or keep rooms out of service for an extended period. The work is mostly confined to the doorway.  

The length of the installation depends on how many locks you’re installing. Still, Front Desk Supply has earned a reputation for facilitating upgrades with quick turnarounds so your new locks don’t mean you lose the great custom designs you are used to.

Will I Still Need Key Cards?


Nowadays we have QR code menus, digital maps, and emailed receipts, but there will always be guests who prefer physical materials over digital technology. You shouldn’t expect key cards to go away anytime soon, even with something as innovative as Digital Key. In fact, Hilton expects guests to use key cards for the foreseeable future.

Front Desk Supply can provide you with brand-new key cards and key card holders that are customized with your hotel logo, property photo, and any other design elements that you want to add. When we help you upgrade your property locks, we’ll keep your system specs on file so we’ll know exactly what types of key cards to supply you with.

We can also set up scheduled shipments so you’ll never run short on key cards or any other hotel supplies.

What Other Upgrades Can I Make?

When you upgrade your key card access system and room locks, you have a great opportunity to implement new key fobs for your staff.

We’ve found that traditional key fobs don’t always communicate efficiently with the card readers on doors, requiring staff members to give two or three taps to unlock rooms. We can provide you with durable, higher-end key fobs that are built with a wider antenna and don’t experience the same hiccups that traditional key fobs do. It’s a simple upgrade that can speed up your hotel operations.

Inquire About Your Upgrades Today

So many hotels fall behind because they wait too long to implement 21st-century technology. Why get left in the dust when you can leap ahead?

Digital keys give your property the perfect opportunity to upgrade not only your locks, but your entire guest experience and hotel operation, and it’s shockingly easy with Front Desk Supply.

We’ll be your key card concierge and do all of the heavy lifting, allowing you to kick back and enjoy the end result.

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