Key card holders are essential for both the aesthetics and functionality of the hotel experience. Holders keep key cards safe from grime, protect them from digital damage, provide an informational hub and help your guests keep track of their key cards throughout their stay. Since key card holders are a piece of your guests’ hotel experience that they will carry with them for their entire stay, it benefits your business to choose the right product. When it comes to key card sleeves versus key card folders, understanding the difference can help you make the best choice.

The experienced team at Front Desk Supply is a leading hotel amenity supplier for US hotels. We have partnered with hundreds of hotels, helping them to choose and customize the best product for their guests. Read more to learn about the different holder options available to hotels, and how we choose which products to recommend to our clients.

What is the Difference Between Key Card Sleeves and Key Card Folders?

Both key card sleeves and folders are holders that help your guests keep track of their key cards. They can also provide extra branding and information your guests will be encouraged to keep on their person at all times.

Key card sleeves are uncomplicated holders with a single opening that can accommodate four to five key cards, depending on their size. On the other hand, key card folders come in various shapes and sizes, featuring multi-panel folding capabilities.

What Type of Key Card Holder is Best for My Hotel?

The type of holder you choose depends largely on your design preferences, the utility of the holder, and your budget. Both key cards and folders can make use of various materials and finish options.

If you prefer a minimalist, sleek, or simple design, the sleeves are the ideal choice. Key card sleeves can come in one color or full-color options and may be made from simple paper or heartier card stock. Key card sleeves are simple for your guests to put in their pocket or their wallet, making it easy for your guests to keep their key cards on their person.

The multi-panel design on key card folders is more suitable when you need to store and display a larger amount of information on multiple panels. Because of the increased display space, there is room to incorporate more complex designs and colors, including two-color inside / two-color outside or multicolor options, as well as enhanced finishes like embossing (can also be done on higher end sleeves).

Other customizations for key card sleeves and key card folders include RFID-blocking material to counteract electronic fraud or theft, and safeguarding hotel key cards, credit cards, and identification cards. Hoteliers can leverage custom die cuts to fit cards according to their preferences and for a unique shape and look. They may also add custom thumb cutouts and additional inserts to provide guests with supplementary information or exclusive offers.

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