It’s that time of year again: hoteliers and hotel property managers are preparing to handle the influx of guests during the holiday season. Amid the overwhelming responsibilities of managing teams and coordinating hotel logistics, essential tasks, like obtaining hotel supplies, can feel like yet another obstacle. Making a hotel inventory list of the supplies needed for the holiday surge can aid in ensuring your properties receive the supplies they need promptly.

At Front Desk Supply, we believe that the best way to help hoteliers is to provide a centralized hub for them to procure all of their supplies. We provide a hotel inventory list for hotel professionals, so nothing is overlooked during the holiday season.  Please download it and review and come back to us with your order – we can supply many of the items you need, all on one call or email!

Read below to learn more about how our holiday checklist can help your hotel prepare for the incoming influx of seasonal travelers.

The Essential Hotel Inventory List For Front Desk Manager

Areas of your hotel that warrant consideration for hotel supplies include the front desk, hotel rooms and bathrooms, laundry, housekeeping, hallways and walkways, luggage storage, and parking. Here is a breakdown of key cards, accessories, tags, and signs hoteliers can utilize. 

Magnetic and RFID Key Cards

Your hotel must have enough key cards available to accommodate all your guests. Every individual guest should have their own key card to prevent any logistical challenges as guests coordinate their comings and goings. Whether your system relies on magstripe or RFID technology,  custom key cards enhance the overall guest experience. Don’t forget to include additional staff key cards or key fobs on your checklist if your hotel hires seasonal employees.

Key Card Sleeves and Folders

With an increase in hotel guests expected, key card holders are a major asset for both managers and guests. Key card holders serve as branding tools, and can also provide useful information for guests through the duration of their stay. These supplies are customizable and come in a broad variety of shapes, colors, materials, and finishes.

Stationary and Pens

Administrative tools like pens, notepads, and other paper products like business cards, notebooks, and calendars can help both your hotel staff and guests prepare for anything. 

While many travelers may visit your hotel for leisure, for many other travelers, the holiday season means an uptick in business travel. Accommodate these travelers’ needs by providing them with the necessary tools, including envelopes, letterheads, postcards, rack cards, comment cards, compliment cards, and more.

Hotel Signs

Your housekeeping team can securely and effectively manage the hotel suites with the help of hotel door signs. Popular signs may include “do-not-disturb” signs, “housekeeping-requested” signs, or “pet in room” signs. Additional signs may include hotel policy signs, “no smoking” signs, or signs about water and light conservation policies.


Increased visitors means increased luggage and even more vehicles in your already crowded parking accommodations. Custom luggage tags, parking tags, and valet tags keep wait times down while delivering customers and their luggage to their destinations.

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