In most locations across the country, guests have endless options of hotel brands to choose from. With unique and convenient stays rising in popularity, it’s crucial to keep brand loyalty and guest retention at the top of your hotel’s priority list. 

Every minor detail that affects your guests’ stay counts. One specific guest experience that often gets overlooked is their time spent at the valet. 

At Front Desk Supply, we specialize in collaborating with boutique and independent hotels for all of their needs like hotel room key cards, key card holders, signage, hotel pens and notepads, luggage tags, and marketing supplies. Many of these items are used in the hotel, but valet tags are an item that greets your guests before they enter your hotel.  We make sure your valet services are always up to par with branded valet tags and parking permits. Hotel guests and your valet team can have a seamless experience with tear-off, windshield, or ticket style tags. 

Here’s why your valet services mean more than just dropping off keys: 

They Are An Extension Of Your Team 

Before your guests even step foot in your hotel, they are greeted by the excellent service of your valet team. They are ready and waiting to greet guests, help with bags, and take the stress of parking away. Guests consider this the first experience of their stay, as this first impression sets the tone for the rest of their stay. 


In modern society, it is no secret that patience runs thin amongst most people. Everything must happen here and now, and valet services are no different. A simple, yet extremely satisfying way of making your guests’ time feel valued is offering great valet services. Whether they are just arriving or on their way home, quick and efficient valet service will leave a lasting impression. 

It Provides Greater Parking Flexibility 

When guests arrive, one thing that could ruin their excitement is spending extra time looking for parking in a lot they are already unfamiliar with. Valet provides the perfect remedy for backed-up parking traffic and long walks to the main lobby. Also, giving your valet team control of parking creates better efficiency for your lot spaces. With some guests staying longer than others, valet services allow people to come and go with ease. 

With the right organization and hospitality, your valet services can provide a memorable stay from beginning to end. 

November Offer: 

Is your valet team creating a noteworthy experience for your guests? Valet tags are a crucial aspect of ensuring your guests are given a great experience from the first interaction with your boutique hotel staff. For the month of November, we are offering $45 off any valet tag order! 
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